Black White lyrics

Nina Kraviz

Ben: Hello!
Nina: Say something
Ben: The world is your oyster
Nina: Oyster?! (laughs)
Ben: The world's your oyster and uhh you know inside of an oyster, there’s a pearl
Nina: No, I don't know
Ben: You don't know that?
Nina: Nah-uh
Ben: Yeah, inside of an oyster there’s a pearl!
Nina: Never heard of it... Do you like oysters?
Ben: Nah
Nina: I've always hate oysters when I'm old
Ben: Do you?
Nina: I do
Ben: I like- I like mussels
Nina: Mussels?
Ben: Mhm
Nina: They eat sh*t, you know they eat - they eat no good

[Instrumental break]

Black, white [x22]

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