Remember lyrics

Nina Kraviz

If suddenly
You forget me
Do not look for me
For I shall already have forgotten you

If you think it long and mad
The wind of banners
That passes through my life
And you decide to leave me at the shore
Of the heart where I have roots
That on that day
At that hour
I shall lift my arms
And my roots will set off
To seek another land

Remember [x3]

I'll walk into a room
Just as cold as you
And demand that they tell a story
Down on your knees
Or what they say?
Name themselves what they say
You will now
Little by little, stop loving me
And I shall stop loving you, little by little
The sooner you've forgotten me, forget me, forgot me
It's too late
You've forgotten me, forgot me, forget me, forgot me, forget me, forgot me, forget me
Crawling around
I just wish that you'd remember

Remember [x4]


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