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Skid Row

"Zero Day"

[Verse 1]
Their eyes are looking down on us
The walls, they all have ears
There's nothing sacred left except out hatred, love and tears
I know the person trapped behind that seven mile stare
If only I could save you without kicking out the chair
Light me aflame before I freeze
Until I climb from my disease

Take the power back
Fight with all your will
Bleed for the cause
Eat what you kill
Us against the world
Live for what you say
We have gained control
We'll meet again on Zero Day

[Verse 2]
Has anybody out there been absolved of all their sins?
I'm juggling the hand grenades and pulling all the pins
We've made a crooked circle back to the subway train
The poachers and the preachers are all circling the drain
I'd rather burn before I freeze
Or throw the fight than to appease
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