James Reid

"Tropical Vikings"


I want a million lives I want a billi in profits when all that I got is a villanous mind
I keep it real in the pocket while you hear them venomous lies
I do not speak like a prophet cause I've got a million styles
Let's see whats really inside
Pulling over in the whip
Flying out another trip
My sound is my sound
Mothaf**ka get a grip
100,000 on the wrist
Whole team with the drip
Young lady with the nice style
You can come and take a sip
All I wanna do is that the bans out
I ain't really looking for your handout these days
I ain't really trippin bout the stats now
All i do is take out all the facts now and we play

James Reid:

Something going on around the islands
Money flow wherever Iʼve been promise
Just another viking in the tropics
Taking over try and stop this nah b*t*h
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