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"PAPARAZZI (English Version)"

[Verse 1]
Hey, hey dad, hey dad
We got assigned some homework in class
The topic they assigned us is listen
Write what your dad does for a living
We have to present in front of everyone
It kinda really sucks but I'll try for once
The teacher told us she's looking forward to
All the class brag about our dads
Oh really? Really? Is that so?
Well there's something about my job you should know
It's a little different than most of them so
I give entertainment to the world we know
Entertainers, music players
Athletes and others who're famous
Either at home or place of work
I'm there watching their every turn
All up in every inch of their lives
That's just the type of the job of mine
So when they mess up a little or do something all that is interesting
I write every little detail down and release it for the world to see
Takes a lot of strength and patience too
It's not an easy thing to do what I do

Every single day, stalking, following, tapping, snapping
Doing it your way, all day, every day gonna come back to you
All for the money, its written all over that smug little face
Do you feel nothing, no way around it, you're wrong, all of you

[Verse 2]
You think you're better than everyone else?
How do you sleep every night will you tell?
You flip and switch all the ethics around
But cheating and dishonesty's you write about?
Bowing down to the politicians
Laughing at those who try to make a difference
There's no way that when you were young
This is what you wanted be when you grew up
I don't need to know, I don't need to care
But if you do what you do, show some pride
Acting all tough when up in your business
Sneak off into the night like some ninja
Simply, coward can't respect a bit
Your words mean nothing and it makes me sick

[Verse 3]
After the movie was a big hit
You all start crawling out talking lotta sh*t
We didn't just do this overnight
Been doing this for 10 years deep in the fight
We have fans waiting amazingly, patiently on our unique style of bravery
Appreciate them and the bonds we made, that's why we're selling out arena tours
Stupid, hold up, lose it
Even if I gave you the benefit of a doubt
Doesn't give you reason to show up out of the blue in front of f*cking parents' house
Asking "How does it feel? Your son finally made it after 10 long years
How about I go to your parents' house?
I've got some questions I could ask about"
Congrats on raising a healthy son
Who sits in a car from dusk to dawn
Outside someone's house he waits and waits
Bombards with question that he knows they hate
Continues to sneak some photos in too, without any permission isn't that rude?
He sells his soul to the highest bidding
Do you think that's the right way to make a living?
Do you have anything to comment about that?
No, you don't? Of course you do
It's okay if you don't, just try and force it out of your son like he does to us too

[Verse 4]
Wow dad, you're amazing it's true
So, many people would be lost without you
I can say anytime that
I'm really proud that you are my dad
But son look you gotta listen
People make fun of my job cause it's different
Try to look down think their better than me
But I won't let them get the best of me
Your dad can say with head held high
I'm living the life, what I can provide
I do it for the ones that are waiting
Patiently for me to share something fine

[Verse 5]
Okay, okay, that's great and all it's good you take pride in your job
You proudly go to work and live today, here is a pat on the back so say
When I shine the camera and light in your face, be proud and answer right away
Acting like you are on a date, but really eavesdropping every word I say
Can't trust people, can't trust the media
Feel like I'm slowly going insane
Can't tell the truth can't tell what's fake
And you expect a smile on my face?
Blame it on the media that craves the info
Blame it on the people that crave the info
So you do it cause people expect it of you?
Isn't that godly thing to do
You do it just to put a little food on your plate
You do it for some people just to entertain
But all those people, that you erased
Still have to face the world and live today
I do exactly what I need to do
You do what people be ashamed of you
If you still wanna say you have no shame
Then live your life without sneaky ways
You can't even look me in the light
But still have the nerve to say you're proud of your life?

[Verse 6]
Hey dad I finished, I tried real hard
I'm gonna give it my all tomorrow
Stand in front of my class so proud
Tell everyone exactly who you are
Thanks son, that means a lot, I'm proud of you rather I say it or not
Oh yeah, about tomorrow, I've been working too much too long
I haven't spent much time with you
Let's take a family trip wherever you want to
So, don't you worry, I'll let you skip class
Just don't tell the teacher it'll be our secret

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