"Change On Me"

Ayo, broski
Yo, broski
Do me a favour, feed the mandem some slugs and snails like a Frenchman
I don't give a f**k if he's hench, man
It's G-Foundation, the real Rehng Tehng gang
I'll bag for them, I'll never turn my back on them

Ha! (Rxwntree)
Oh ma-ma-ni, na-na-na
Yo, this ain't a diss track
Don't let these n***as distract
It's a message, nothin' personal, it's not business at the same time
You see my friend turn opp, still cleaned him like a mop
And if I get a booking, I'll still pull up to your block
Big Stakka, we're out here lookin' for you, no lacker

I hopped off the car, then I hopped on a bike
I couldn't find thе opps and I circled twice
I told you "Do your resеarch", and you didn't revise
You see me on the 'Gram and they think I'm lost
I'm traumatised, I got a lotta pain on me
Tried to sell dreams, I ain't got change on me
Why my friends have to change on me, uh?
No more crying, it stay's on me
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