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Neil Cicierega

"Bird f*cker (2007 version)"

You spend your days bird watching
While petting your sap sucker
And pelican debauching
And goosing some poor clucker
The early bird will get the worm
If worm is just a cutsie term
You're using to describe your sperm, birdf**ker

Now when you buy a chicken
You don't want to pluck her
No, you'd rather stick your d**k in
You filthy rubber ducker
And in your wettest dream you let
An ostrich and an emu peck your neck and double team you, birdf**ker

You f**k birds
There are no words
Except birdf**ker

You'd get fowl with an owl
You'd make sweet love to a turtle dove
You want to screw and c*ckatoo
You'd plug your hole with an oriole
The common loon is your favorite poon
You'd love a swan to c*m upon
You'd bury your meat in a parakeet
You'd f**k an eagle if it weren't illegal
There is no quail you wouldn't nail
There is no stork you wouldn't pork
You'd spill your sauce on an albatross
Let loose your juice on mother goose

Cause you're a birdf**ker
You f**k birds

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