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"I Had a Feeling*"

Lyrics from Snippet

[Intro: Boobie Lootaveli]

[Verse 1: Boobie Lootaveli]
Straight through your back though
It's the holy power from that .44
[?] by survival
Is there anything, gon' f*cking know
Runnin' to your TVs and then I call my uncles up
[?] bullsh*t
I'm in my [?] like f*ck the law
[?] feet, I had to [?]
Found out you a snake [?] you gotta crawl
[?] here the lean from?

[Verse 2: Pouya]
Damn B, you really hurt my feelings
When you was poppin' pills, suckin' di*k
And chillin' with the villain
I was feeling like the one a million
Now I got the stick up my ass [?] ceilin'
I had a feeling but never wanna believe it
Smash the window out the Benz and keyed it, the sh*t
I'm the one that want me outed
Sick of this f*ckin' life, I'm 'bout to turn into a [?]

[Verse 3: Boobie Lootaveli]
[?] you don't wanna [?]

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