A Rat (6ix9ine Diss Track) lyrics


[Intro: Judge, 6ix9ine (Ant's Impression) & Trayway]
Mr. Daniel Hernandez
You have been charged for racketeering
Is there anyth-something you want to say?
Erm.. yeah I didn't do that
That was the Trayway gang and sh*t
It wasn't me
Boy why you snit!-
Pxcoyo killed this beat, b*t*h

We don't f**k wit' rats you should have a tat
Could "I'm a rat" you lost that weight 'cause you was fat
You more pussier than a pu**y Cat
f**k yo rainbow hair it looks like the LGBTQ+
Wait they probably have more relevancy then you
Wait- haven't anyone know that you f**ked a minor
In the vagina probably diner her oh sh*t man
That's far if I seen yo pedo ass I'd leave you with a scar
You now gettin' beaten up by other gangstas
You not evеn a gangsta you just a wankster
Or you trollin' or bein' a proper prankstеr
Dissin' King Von tellin' him to rot in hell
But you'll learn the consequences like the sh*t you fell
f**k you Daniel Hernandez you never be the real one
Even Shawn Mendes is bigger than yo' ass
Wait you sayin' the N-Word I guess you Hispanic
But you had a panic in jail
Did anyone know you was a dead meme back in 2017
You deader than Sanic
You had Nicki I guess she's yo queen (She not yo queen)
I guess you a Lil Pump wannabe tryna be on the lean
Well I guess you gonna be why you bein' mean
I been dissin' you since the old days
Is it Tekashi anymore not the old ways
People used to crave yo sh*t
Now it shave yo sh*t like a pube
I'll steal yo b*t*h and f**k her in the boob
f**k you b*t*h
Tryna step up to Meek
I said this to the last b*t*h
I'll give you a weak to respond
Or you a pu**y ass b*t*h
Yo sh*t is trash, you can't rap for sh*t
You speak cap, you speak crap
You ain't gang gang you don't even Boom Bap
I'd slap you to the NYC Town
You a clown

f**k Tekashi 6ix9ine
This rat b*t*h f**k you
Rat, squeaky f**kin' rat
I guess you Stoopid
Hahaha f**k you b*t*h
(Free Anthony Ellison)

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