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"So Emotional Sesh"

[Guitar: MIYAVI]

[Verse 1: Xavier Wulf]
I was a young boy in seventh grade
I got an invitation to a skate park with my friend
I love skating
I love the fat skateboard shoes then, still do now
So I said yes
Went to the damn skate park
Dropped in on the ramp
Everything was cool
Started off real nice
Real smooth
Went to the bowl
Oh no!
Went to drop in
Looked at my friend
I said "I got this, I'm going in"
Set it up
Deep breath
Here we go
1-2-3 and... Ooh!
Face to the rail!
My chipped tooth
Was born
Straight through the lip, had to get stitches too
Momma was so mad still made me go to school
I said "f**k!
They gon' get me!"
She said "Well, you should have been careful"

[Break: Xavier Wulf & (BONES)]
And that's how I got my chipped tooth, man
I got a cap on it now, you feel me?
Know what I mean?
Dental work, good dental work
Shouts out to my dentist
("My chipped tooth was born?" laughs)
There it is
A lot of you guys wanted to know about that
I'm glad I finally got that one off my chest
There ya go, end scene
(Here's a real good one:)

[Verse 2: BONES]
He was a boy
He lied to his schoolmates
He was new in town, it was second grade
Unfortunately, he told the schoolmates he had a baby alligator
They figured out I was lying
They made fun of me a little bit
But I wouldn't really know, I, uh, I didn't go to lunch
I hid in the bathroom for like a month straight every lunch period
'Cause I was afraid of, uh, admitting that I lied
And that's why I'm such a piece of sh*t human

[Outro: Xavier Wulf & (BONES)]
There ya have it guys
Two real stories
(It's true)
His is true, mine is true
(HollowSesh, HollowSesh, HollowSesh, HollowSesh)
Wait, you said an alligator? You said you had a lizard?
(I said I had a real alligator
I told everybody I had an alligator named Bubbles
I lied, I'm sorry)

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