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What, what

Carhartt cover my heart (Heart)
I will end you, don't start (Start)
My dogs they will bite (Bite)
Your crew they just bark (Bark)
You wanna be on the charts? (Uh)
I just wanna be where it's dark (Yeah)
b*tch better play your part (Part)
I will hang you like art
Every morning, you cry (Cry)
Every single night, I die (Die)
Let's get down to the bottom line
Your whole existence is a lie (Lie)
Noose around my neck, goodbye (Bye)
Yo b*tch want what I supply
You mad at me? What a surprise
When Bones talk, b*tch be quiet (Shut up)
Talking ‘bout some smoke, know I need all of that (All of that)
b*tchin bout you broke
b*tch get off your ass and do something nasty
Acting like a hoe, so I'm gon' treat you like one
Double cross me, I will break your ankle just like AND-1

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