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Bad motherf*cker with a bad attitude
Flow like trash in a pool
Never would I do what you ask me to do
'Cause you do what you want when you got nothing to prove
And when you got nothing to lose
You would do what it takes just to get money for food
That's how I used to feel, that's way too real
Almost gives me chills
Back to the motherf*cking plan at hand
Gun to my server act hard, get banned
Look how many rappers are holy like sand
Castle on the hill with the place I stand
Throne made of gold, silk gloves on my hands
I don't touch peasants and I don't do grams
No more loss for your pus*y it's true
I done broke my back just to get it how I do
TV static, blunt wrap addict
Coming, boutta cut your throat, while I'm at it
We make classics, SESH make racket
I can hear when you rap, you ain't got passion

b*tch, get out my way (way)
b*tch, get out my face (face)
You don't wanna talk about it
You just wanna f*ck about it
Got a grave you can lay (what)

Going back to the old me
Some call me the OG, I just tell em “Oh, please”
This is just what I got to do to keep sane
This is what I got to do for my brain
Flowing's what I gotta do to maintain
f*ck what they claim, f*ck what they say
Imma bring it back to the grave, bang

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