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[Verse 1]
Pimping in the parking lot
That b*tch that b*tch talk a lot
Dope up on the countertop
Cuz b*tch you know I’m down to spark
Bones have been around it all
Drugs I see all that's all
Mud up on my feet now imma creep b*tch whether it’s dark or not
Pop and drop
Make these pussies pop and lock
Once they see the team they turn to [?] no talking now
Targets watch me buck 'em down
Listen for that highland sound
That’s how you know their guard is down
Whenever the pack is back in town

[Verse 2]
No backing down, f*ck that
Got that shhh, hush that
Sending shots we dumping back
Something like like running laps
f*ck rap
This is just some sh*t I do part time
But I’m staying full time
Legend who
Smoking on my chemical
Swerving in that yellow coupe
Bones coming through
I’mma do, just like [?]
Turn you to a vegetable
Sleepy hollow sever you
Scythe be the tool
I am Jesus plus the devil, uh

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