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"Look Up"

ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney

[Chorus: Z Money]
Every time I look up, I’m ‘bout to do a cook up
Me and Bricc like black and [?], because we got the hook up
Hell no, can’t buy no gram, because they already shook up
I’m cashing out, no [?] up, not one mil, but I’m two up
Skrt, skrt, skrt, I made ‘em throw up, hop out, Louis from the shoe up
Lil b*t*h, she say I’m too much, I think my closet’s too much
My diamonds f**king blind ‘em, make a n***a wanna shoot us
Come f**k a ho, it’s two of us, my pockets filled with blue bucks

[Verse 1: Valee]
My Lambo don’t want no putt putt, it’s 6:30, I been up, up
I f**k ‘round, buy a pick up truck, then pick two b*t*hes back up
They think it’s fun, I know that, I caught a flat, I towed that
It’s 6s on my broham, my bad, I thought you know that
They 6s and they run flat, these b*t*hes kissing, run back
These b*t*hes kissing, run back
My lean, it look like Cognac, this a Supersport, no Pontiac
I stopped and bought the fun pack, she said, “You brought the fun back”
My pockets look like thot pack, my t-shirt say VLONE
Don’t rock shoes ‘cause I rock slides, got Valentino on
My Cartiers, they handmade, my b*t*h’s purse is handmade
My two door coupe is hand sprayed, I smoke and dab the handshake
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