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"Nothing for Certain"

Lyrics from Snippet


Nothing for certain, spend it in days
Chasethemoney, chasethemoney
Nothing for certain, spend it in days, ay, yo


Nothing for certain, spend it in days
Tired to quit sippin', lasted some days
[?], whatever you say
Lean over women, for makin' you stay
Sick of repenting, may i behave
Stuck in the ceilin', should be floatin away
Dont get that feeling, not like back in the day
That money different, [?] floatin' away
Tunnel the vision, triple the cup
[?], you can try to keep up
I know the feelin' but they not with us
[?], make diamonds from dust
Turn blue money purple, cus colors for us
Cus colors for us, trouble is simple and drama is easy
Peace is a riddle, im stick in the middle
Me and her friend, speakin' but little
Look for the end


Nothing for certain

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