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I wanted you to know x2
I think you deserve to know
Even if you’ve fallen into sin
I need you to know

Come on over
I’m finally sober
And hoping
You could cure
My lonesome
Situated token of mine
Out of pocket but
Your feelings are fine
My mind is a mess
To this i confess
You’ve already guessed
So this is going west
Of where it was suppose to
We gotta remember
Nightmares are dreams too
So if we wish for them to come true
Then our demons will finally come through

I gotta screw loose
I wanna tie the noose
You tell me the news
That you wanna die too
This information isn’t new
Still i doubt if it is true
You left me behind
With no one by your side
You had no map
You had no guide
Where did you go?
I know i went home
But you didn’t so
Where did you go?
I wonder if you’ve grown
Away from me or if
Your parents caused
The many moments
That you left your
Rationality to inform me
Of this sick reality
The sensuality
That put your
Mind to ease
Now its November
And i remember
What happened in December
Who left without saying goodbye?

I’m tired of thinking
Of what could’ve been
Believing this was meant to be
You say that i’m free
This doesn't feel like freedom at all
This feels like a personal hell
And i can’t tell if i need to say farewell
Or go find you the distance isn’t swell
There's still a place in my heart
That is broken beyond all repair
I tainted this love like we were under a spell
It didn’t end well
Good thing i like pain right dear? ah hell
I’m dying to sell my soul
To you know who
My view is screwed
Why do we ask for nudes?
Its based on a mood
That will consume
The left room
That makes you, you
So i’m sorry if i took that away
I still don’t understand
So i convey
My burden and bury deep
To a point that i can’t even sleep

Once upon a time a long time ago
You were sound asleep
But now silence speaks
In ways that i hallucinate
That you’re still right here beside me x2
But you're not, but you're not
Nah you're not right here beside me

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