We Are All We Got lyrics


Let me tell you about this shorthand me and you use
It's how we decide if somebody is safe
There's talking points
That's how you know if they in the fence or outside the fence
Whether you safe or not
I suggest a re-do
'Cause like it or not, we are all we got

'Cause when your constructs fail you, the ailment feels alien
What is this air we in?
How is this fair to kin?
When you a shark being judged on how well you climb a tree
You might as well be a piece of kelp yelping at a blue whale
Helpless, toothless tired with ruthless ire
I almost talked me out of my own desires
You try to tell 'em you different, made for magnificent
But those with lungs don't give the gills significance
Still standing stanza, circ*mference of your comfort
Wanna say that then don't invite me to your conference
I'ma speak it to the people, defeating they conquistador
Telegraph [?] what these blinkers for
Great grand mammie she [?]
Consider that an honor if she even stooped to speak to you
The least of you, you would be surprised what two feet could do
One mission execute, I don't know what we meeting for
Couple L's will could teach you more than any war or liquor store
And you don't need a penny more to mature
This is meant to disrupt othering
Look across the table in they eyes and see your own suffering
People are just people

If we are all we got, then all we got is this
And this is just it then let's make the best of it
I suggest a re-do, all we do is see-through
War is beneath you
Which ain't finna sink in until we learn to scream "I need you"
I need you
I suggest a re-do, all we do is see-through
And when God finally speaks, I bet it'll be through

Like it or not, we are all we got
We are all we got

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