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Yeh, yeh
(Know what time is with me)
Keep it cool til we don’t got to no more
(Woke up with bands in my bank off my business, they hittin’ at 3 in the morning)

Imma invest til I get it I got it and now ima
Put it in motion
Diamonds on strollers
That’s how I’m rollin’
b*tch when I flow I be floatin’
Don’t show no emotion
I’m gainin’ control got a hold
All that broke sh*t is old sh*t
Woke up with bands in my bank off my business
They hittin’ at 3 in the morning

You better watch out for the sh*ts
f*ck it they know what it is
Break off some ends for the kids
Tell ‘em to do good in school
I ain’t a fool
You know I play by the rules

She humpin’ on me like a camel
I just said f*ck it and smoked her sh*t up like some kools

I’m pullin up on a Newport
Keeping it short pick up my chips and I dip
Cancer like Marlboro red
I leave you dead
You n*ggas ain’t talkin bout sh*t

I ain’t Gon’ stress on no b*tch
Imma go get it
I figure it is what it is

I can’t rely on lil shawty
She barely encouraged bout what she’n already did

You can put that on my body
Nobody gon’ win if you scared hop into the sh*t


I keep 5 blunts of killa
f*ck yo’ ceiling
Everything is brilliant

I’m that n*gga, b*tch
Yeah I’m that n*gga, b*tch

I get the box and shine like chrome
You better bring yo’ clock

Cause I’m that n*gga, ho
Yeah I’m that n*gga, ho


I’m with the Mac
Stickin’ up hoes
Smokin’ this weed out an apple

I think she a meal
Come open yo’ purse
And blow on my di*k like a candle

This pimpin’ ain’t funny
Go suck that honey
Or you gonna be dead with my money

I don’t need love
I roll with the funds
Twistin’ my steam out an onion

Put you in torture
Appear through the moisture
All black and purple like Rain

I’m still the same
Come lose ya brain
It’s hell in the cell and I’m Kane

I’m with my team
Mobbin’ with bottles
Poppin’ each other with corks

I came a long way
From joogin’
Sellin’ some porn to the dorks


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