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"New Glock"


Yeah man
Y’all already know what time it is
Just lettin’ y’all know
Out here in St. Louis they sellin’ these muthaf*ckin guns like candy
At the St. Charles convention center
That’s right
Weekends only with the straps
n*gga come get you one

(Got a new Glock, yeh
Got a new Glock, yeh yeh, yeh, aye)

Ok, ok
Got a new Glock today
Yeh yeh, yeh
Yeh, aye

New Glock

Aye okay
I got a new a Glock today

Yeh yeh

Beats to yo head like I’m dr. Dre
223 still on my shopping list
Catalog straight to the house my dawg
I’m browsing like which one to cop
2nd Amendment
Aye this is America
Buss them chrome tips
Leave ya mama hysterical
This blicky it blaka
Way louder than Flocka
I’m Talkin that sh*t you get blocked like Ibaka
Dumping the cargo like they did osama
Got packs for these hoes like my n*gga Obama
No love for yo green grass
I p*ssed on ya side
I still got it tight when I slide on the vibe

Got one on my hip ’nother one in the ride
In st Charles at the strap show just passing the time

Yeh yeh

Ok, ok
I got a new Glock, today


(Got a new Glock, with a brand new set)

Got a new Glock today

Glock on my Hip
Glock Match the fit
Glock is the reason
You gimme yo’ sh*t

Every christmas
Don’t you get on my list
Bags full of diamonds
The color of p*ss

You can get robbed
By my Mistress
Get you extinguished
Please stay the f*ck out business

I’m at the hanger
With packs on the way
Hogs in the ground
You get shot every day

Blickys with lasers
Emos and Razors
I got a play for them both

Feeling like Walter
Glock on the table
Putting the Beans
In a Tote

I’m serving these Wizards
Chicken N Gizards
I get it all the for the low

Glock in my hand
Turn this room to kitchen
I put heat to yo hoe

(Got a new Glock today)
b*tch I got a muthaf*ckin’ Glock
f*ck you thought?
Muthaf*ckin’ hollow points in this b*tch too
Lay a muthaf*cka down real quick
n*gga, get the job done ho
NV Nation hoe

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