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10 o’ clock at night
12 out here wilin’ and sh*t

n*ggas tryin’ to record
They loud as f*ck
It’s all good tho’

Get yo’ muthaf*ckin’ lighters
Got some sh*t to talk about tonight

You can let the hurt go
When the sun Rise
When you see me
I be hanging like some clothes dryin’

You got Henny, I got reefer
Then you know I’m slidin’
When I’m leaving, she say call her
But you know I’m lyin’

Twist torpedos
Slide thru Berkeley
Get Some Imos

And if the b*tches
Bringing swisher
They can keep those

Sip some tea
Relax my soul
On Tucson leather

It’s no pressure
I feel free
In any weather

You can’t read me
Word to Floyd
Another fallen feather

I know these boys imposters
That’s ok, i don’t wear pleather

Have a baby now I’m
Seeing pics without the father?

Shawty wanna squirt at me
Cause I’m happy with another?

Fo my lover
b*tch I use no rubbas
You can suck a sample
But don’t ever say I plugged ya

Leave you in the back seat
Of that Audi
I don’t love ya

Left her Tired
Hopped in Chevy
Now I’m burning tires

I be tripping
Boy I should’ve acted
On the wire

I’m focused on my
Brand and money
I can sell yo honey

We not matching
With the stagnant
b*tch, we way too hungry

I say we can't smoke
With the stagnant
b*tch we way too hungry


Blowin’ smoke
As I roll through the dark side
Yeh, I gotta keep my eyes wide

‘cause everywhere I look
All I’m seein’ is that homicide
Mane naw
And I ain’t trying to see my mama cry

Movin’ steady down on 70
Bags is heavy

Stack and pack ‘em in the Chevy
Racks on racks but not YC

This NV
Don’t know me then you b*tch know me

She ain’t controllin’ me

I just give her joystick
By the looks of it
She lovin’ it

Two blunts in it I’m hoverin’
Maneuvering’ through love and sh*t

I’m Mychael and I cycle through a series of emotions
And one day I might adore you
Next day I don’t even know you

Just know that I was focused on some money
Or another b*tch

Ain’t got no time for cuddlin’
Kissin’ up to sisters, mothers, brothers, and yo cousins
b*tch, cause you been on some other sh*t

Just so you know
We don’t play
When it comes to DNA

When she sees this ain’t my jit
I’m wonderin’ what she gon’ say

Tell you bout them chips I saved
I’m feeling like I’m Frito-Lay

Smokin’ like it’s legal
Need a tray, I’m not medieval mane

I’m in it then I’m out that b*tch
As soon as we get even mane

n*ggas be a b*tch for clout
I wonder what you’ll be for fame


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