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Richard Thompson

"No Matter"

[Verse 1]
No matter what you say, I believe
I don't see [?] up your sleep
Can't you see me smile?
Just the shadow of a frown?
Even if wanting you would tear my mansion down

[Verse 2]
No matter what you say, my head's in the sink
Born yesterday, I don't think
I've seen it all before
Love [left is burnt?]
Contemplating suicide before the tide has turned

And I can [/can't] leave my life like Shakespeare on the run
Some lads are [?] [soliloquies?] won't come

I'm living on fantasy
Real life's too good for me
Let me disappear from here
And be no one

[Verse 3]
No matter what you say, do you need me?
Doesn't mean you'll stay, doesn't mean that you'll leave
'Cause every body bleeds
And everybody cries
Now it's time for bandages and rags to dry our eyes
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