Gene Kelly

"I Shouldn’t Have Come"

[Verse 1: TED]
I shouldn't have come
Oh, I shouldn't have come
This thing's a mistake
An awful mistake
That guy's such a snob
And who is that hick?
Can these be the guys I once thought
I could never live without?

[DOUG, spoken]
Who do you think will win the world series?

[TED, spoken]
Well, uh, both teams look pretty good to me

[ANGIE, spoken]

[DOUG, spoken]

[ANGIE, spoken]
Well, may the best team win

[Verse 2: ANGIE]
This thing is a frost
I'd like to get lost
Old pals are the bunk
This guy's a cheap punk
And that one's a heel
And I'm a Schlemiel
Can these be the guys I once thought
I could never live without?
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