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Young: Wasup Snow?
Snow : Good, Agent YM, what's good and special about your music?
Young: Uh man that's so sample maybe you should pick a symbol man, is this my music so tight with five different flow ever, and the time I reach that door, trust me this other n*ggas will feel that am in
Snow : What best on your music?
Young: Uh everything man, my flow so mean, no one can touch me man, my lyrics are so damn lyrical and whenever I bring the best verses I make sure my flow so strong
Snow : Can you please clarify a lil bit more about that?
Young: Nah, I only got my stars fallin but they ain't reach the ground, maybe is because of we got the best underground rappers haha it's a great start cause am the greatest rapper
Snow : Can I please...
Young: Snow Time's up, A4 s here we got planty of work to do....
Snow : One more question...
Young: Forget that am outchere its Fivw Start Family Live Time

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