Just Rapping. (Feat. Nelson & Doc Stranger & Snow)
[Verse 1: Afri Ize ]
Yeah, uh ha, Afri-Ize man, yeah
Uh it’s time to make it working on the come up like 24/7 365 x 2
I’m contemplating ways to make it to the stage now, under pressure but my mind is vivid
Capturing picture perfect moments hoping they can last in my brain forever
I’m too mighty you unlikely to f**k with me, I know I’m the the illest the reason why you wouldn’t admit it
Overly dedicated to this rap sh*t with my well educated a**, I see through your lies you’re your body’s made out of gla**
You asked me for a favour, to be a savoir of this rap game, like the Messiah
I’ll bring the fire, yeah so let me tell Buzz light here I’m 97 to infinity and beyond these n***as
Who started rapping like yesterday but today is a new day, so we can leave them in the past cause they history, Afri

[Verse 2: Nelson]
Uh, Really I don’t know what I’m gon say right now really my head is really pain right now
Seriously all I want is to get paid right now so I can get back to my crib and get laid right now
Yeah just kidding, for real all I want is for us to be at the top number one spot with my crew
That’s me and my team 4DE we rock, always dreamed about the day where we were heading
To the fame the money and the b*t*hes but we got it all at the palm of our hands believe it
Life is so hectic when you play it by the b, all I know is the success and nothing to compare
That’s for me and my team 4DE we out here, Nelson

[Verse 3: Doc Stranger]
Is my style really really trending or making peoples mind change make em doing the spend
I’m doing “[?]”It’s just the making rap is depending, get everyday every rap man is ascending
I was told fear none but God, none but Oz rap bars spit some bars, feel my bars experience the life
I does, the drive by cars, so peel rap cars, and f**k that“[?]” All I wanna be is famous everybody know
That you gotta be dangerous cause some rappers know that they never gonna make it
And that gone leave a n***a n***a painful, Lil Doc

[Verse 4: Snow]
Uh the best moments I once lived are the ones I absolutely forgot to take pictures of
The best moments I once lived are the ones that I forgot to take pictures of
Since young kid I’ve been doing this dreaming about this ish, living damn the nice life
Ghetto kid tryna be rich, rich kid tryna be ghetto I don’t get where the twist is but anyway
Like Einstein said the answer’s in the question, so I’m tryna use my logic and philosophy
Just to get my mind ran and the person who said they’ve never made mistakes
They ain't tried anything new and you never too old to set a goal for yourself or to get a new dream
Uh I’m like a thundering cat uh they call me Pikachu motherf**ker, Snowy