Dear Love
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Dear love
I don't know where to start
Your soul emits beauty
No lie I thought you only wanted to hit when you called me pretty
See all these stories I have
Majority is filled with fury
I've acted stupid
Just thought in sight of the moment
But I bury my true feelings, never wanna show it
My temper has been lit a little to quick lately
I've been real shady
Afraid my story will forever be leaked
Love, it's what I seek
When I curl up in these sheets I feel this captivated heat
Like my heart is finally ready for the major leap
But instead I'll just pile it up in the dirty laundry heap
They say only little girls cheat
Or maybe I'm just trying to get around the written sheet in which to keep my sanity
I know it may seem a little crazy but sh*t I'm Kaiti
And surprisingly I'm happy to say you the bestie
What I'm trying to imply is you get me high
Call me the all might I'm in the sky and didn't even try
No lie, you the ride or die for life
It hit me sharper than a knife to see I wanna one day become a wife
See at night I think of if we were to ever fight
But it's impossible with your pa**ionate light
One day even have a baby or two
I hope it's cool as I swear it's no bull
I don't know how else to say but
Dear Love, I'm in love with you