Feel it Freestyle
Yeah! It is that time ayy
TI's beat.....I'm riding,smashing
N***a can I spit it up?
Got u n***a with a good intel
Are u ready can I feel it in? Okayyy
Oh yeah,oh yeah,oh yeah,oh yeah
Oh yeah,oh yeah,oh yeah

Getting bigger everyday its never been a pause
I was looking at the top talking to the man
God line everybody wanna be my wife
Set a blueprint I cut a tie with a hoe
Yeah,I want to live a good life in a mansion
Be that n***a everybody wanna mention
I set a good role everybody wanna know why
Black child seen hе can't play a better role
N***as arе the one who be begging me to play them
They sound like a remedy,I rather watch Kennedy
He came in the city just to f**k a game again
I just want to learn a lot n***a he a goat
But! I don't do this for a fame,for a cheque
Devil 16 he a n***a with a plan
We got Flash at the back,everybody wanna Switch
I just have to play him he can be UniQ
U know,i don't wanna go there
She just wanna go back
Where the n***as at now,money in the bank
Money in the bank,I just have to be the bear
I just have to take it all,everybody in the shock yeah

Yeah! A lot has changed
But I'm glad that I still do good on the mic
That's the only motto I got.....and it pushes me to the
Level I want
Shout out to TI.....and shout out to you all trappers
Out there and Rappers also
My n***a this is PAC at Sudden Faith
And we n***as are all about change ayy
It's your boy SwitchKnight at your service