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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

"Higgs Boson Blues - Live from KCRW"

[Verse 1]
Can't remember anything at all
Flame  trees line the streets
Can't  remember anything at all

I was driving my car down to Geneva

[Verse 2]
I've been sitting in my basement patio
Aye  it was hot up above
Girls  walk past, their roses all in bloom
Hey, have you ever heard about the Higgs Boson Blues?
I'm  going down to Geneva, baby
Gonna teach it to you
Who cares?
Who cares what the future brings?

[Verse 3]
Black  road long and I drove and drove
And came upon a crossroad
The night was hot and black
I see Robert Johnson with a 10-dollar guitar
Strapped to his back looking for a tomb
Here comes Lucifer with his canon law
And a hundred black babies running from his genocidal jaw
He got the real killer groove
Robert Johnson and the devil, man
Don't know who is gonna rip off who

[Verse 4]
Driving my car, flame trees on fire
Sitting and singing the Higgs Boson Blues
I'm tired, I'm looking for a spot to drop
All the clocks have stopped
In Memphis now in the Lorraine Motel
It's hot, it's hot - that's why they call it the Hot Spot
I'll take a room with a view
Hear a man preaching in a language that's completely new, yeah
And making the hot c*cks in the flophouse bleed
While the cleaning ladies sob into their mops
And a bellhop hops and bops
A shot rings out to a spiritual groove
Everybody bleeding to Higgs Boson Blues

[Verse 5]
And if I die tonight
Bury me in my favorite yellow patent leather shoes
With a mummified cat and a cone-like hat
That the caliphate forced on the Jews
Ah, can you feel my heartbeat?
Can you feel my heartbeat?

[Verse 6]
Hannah Montana does the African Savannah
As the simulated rainy season begins
She curses the queue at the Zoo Loos
And moves on to Amazonia
And cries with the dolphins
Mau Mau ate the pygmy
The pygmy ate the monkey
The monkey has a gift
That he is sending back to you
Here comes the missionary
With his smallpox and flu
Saving them, the savages
With his Higgs Boson Blues

I'm driving my car down to Geneva
I'm driving my car down to Geneva

[Verse 7]
Oh let the damn day break
The rainy days often make me sad
Miley Cyrus floats in a swimming pool in Toluca Lake
And you're the best girl I've ever had

[Spoken: Nick Cave]
Thank you, thank you!

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