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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

"Far From Me - Live from KCRW"

[Verse 1]
For you dear, I was born
For  you I was raised up
For  you I've lived and for you I will die
For you I am dying now
You were my mad little lover
In  a world where everybody f*cks everybody else over

You  who are so far from me
Yeah, far from me
Far  from me
Way across some cold neurotic sea
Far from me

[Verse 2]
There is no knowledge but I know it
There's  nothing to learn from that vacant voice
That sails to me across the line
From the ridiculous to the sublime
It's good to hear you're doing so well
But really can't you find somebody else that you can ring and tell

Did you ever
Care for me?
Were you ever
There for me?
You who are so far from me

[Verse 3]
You told me you'd stick by me
Through the thick and through the thin
Those were your very words
My fair-weather friend
You were my brave-hearted lover
At the first taste of trouble went running back to mother

So far from me
So far from me
Suspended in your bleak and fishless sea
Far from me

[Spoken: Nick Cave & Viewers]
[Nick Cave:] Thank you, thank you! What else?
[Viewers:] "John Finn's Wife"! "As I Sat Sadly by Your Side"! "Nick the Stripper"!
"Up Jumped the Devil"!
[Nick Cave:] *Laughs* Eventually, at least I say, the song one on this very short list!
[Viewers:] "Jubilee Street"!
[Nick Cave:] Would it up, would it up!

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