Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

"And No More Shall We Part - Live from KCRW"

[Verse 1]
And no more shall we part
It  will no longer be necessary
And  no more will I say, dear heart
I am alone and she has left me

[Verse 2]
And no more shall we part
The  contracts are drawn up, the ring is locked upon the finger
And  never again will my letters start
Sadly, or in the depths of winter

[Verse 3]
And  no more shall we part
All the hatchets have been buried now
And all of the birds will sing to your beautiful heart
Upon the bough

[Verse 4]
And  no more shall we part
Your chain of command has been silenced now
And all of those birds would've sung to your beautiful heart

Lord, stay by me
Don't go down
I will never be free
If I'm not free now
Lord, stay by me
And don't go down
I never was free
What are you talking about?
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