Noob (Original Version) lyrics


[Verse 1: KSI]
It's that stupid boy you love and hate
Always had our issues but then after we would fornicate
But then you'd cry cause I had to go and leave again
Always buzzing cause you never wanna lose a friend
I know how much harder this whole thing was for you
Anger frustration from you, wanting to go back
To the place where all the dreams would come true
And you never cared for the money or the fame
And I did everything for you, you were my portrait on frame
But now it's all changed, all changed
Now we'rе on our separate lanes, sеparate lanes
Getting so emotional, when I start to think about it
I don't wanna think about it cause I wanna be the tough guy
That don't care about that stuff, but I can't
Tell you that I never really loved you but I can't, no I can't
No I can't, say that stuff about you man this is so hard
But you know I gotta focus on the things I gotta do

[Verse 2: KSI]
Well I hope you know I'm sorry, sorry for the stress
Sorry for the pain, sorry for all of the lies
I slowly turned you insane, no more hiding
No more characters, telling you exactly how I feel
No more barriers, you broke down my barriers
I broke down while writing this
Ain't it funny how it came to be like this
Guess I was a noob, cause I wasn't ready
You were just too perfect and it really scared me
Scared of that commitment
Back when all your friends would hate me
But I didn't care, no one understands
I was always there, but you was, but you was
Yeah I was, now I'm not
From how far we could've gone, now we'll never know
And I know I could just say let's try again
Start over, start again, go back to being friends
Build up that love again, but we know that never works
We tried it, never worked, we're just so different now
It's all so different now

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