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Dirty Dike

"Green Streaks"


I’m like my crews going on so sick nobody wants it ‘cah they can’t sight it no they can’t mirror us   
got them skanking in the mirror like a silly mug living with a man got me feeling like a kid a tug
 walk in the place with a smile on my face,
 my girls hand on my waist come on really love, true you trying to chat about your ps you ain’t got skill let alone got a deal like the Wizzy does 
I ain’t trying to hide my bredrins 
I ain’t gonna try and say that he really does
You can find out for yourself
 if he really does
But he really does
But he really, really does
So it’s better if you really duck
Really tho see me on the road me I’m gonna rap I be getting some of that like a silly c*nt
I be at the back of the club, mad lickle bars with a mad little cup of the chiddy stuff
Quick change this flow it’s a nice little flow tho I like this flow yeah it’s really lush
She ain’t got no flows you ain’t got no skill watch my flow spin around like Fiddy does
I be the sickest sinner to spina and writ a rip in a lyric ___ my ___ it that’s why I’m really loved
Tryna chat about your ps you ain’t got skill let alone got a deal like the Wizzy does

I’m the first one awake in the bedroom
On a plane I’m the one with the leg room
In a car on a way to the studio
In a car on a way to my bredrins
I’m a star you can find me at Pluto
Spitting mars bars similar to Heston
I’m a boxer I done a bit of judo
I’m an actor I done a bit of wrestling
But I’m a bad man I don’t need to watch out
Had grands in the bank then I lost out
Had a gallon in tank for the hot styles
Coming with a battering ram when I’m locked out
You know me I’m o I’m a problem
With an oblong bone in a long one 
got multiple flows in my suitcase
me I spit a magical spell like I got ones

Came in the game with a 16 
leaving the game when I want to
Me I came in the game kinda hungry
I ain’t leaving the game till I got food
So many man try eating, it’s a shame when they spray it’s not true
I’m the first in class from a mile off then I’’m beating the scene when I swat tunes

Called up John Nikey? I said how can I do it when I just done it ?
how can I spin a draw when I just spun it, flip a draw when I just bun it?
me I’m on a sad ting bad ting brad ting brad ting with the gang ting chatting nothing bout something
If you’re saying you’re coming with the bringers, come with the bringers I don’t want to hear you say he ain’t coming

Dukno, I link bolt on the roads, 
rolls with the shells like toad on the road I don’t wanna see man fleming in snow cah we know that you don’t spit cold on the road 
yo I’ma go hard with the flow cause I know, overly bars cold for the old me now I’ma go hard see me blow cause I blew,
 in the past tense yeah I’m nothing trying new

I don’t really care what going on round there me I’m rolling with them I ain’t rolling with you, smoking with dem smoking with blue
 broken a few
I ain’t trying to rob no bank get caught like a wanker and see mans face on the news 
I just want a lickle bit of ps lickle bit of weed enough weed to see a man through

Came in the game with a 16 age 15 with a bar that I wrote age 14 
i’ma raw teen when I come through I’ma bun you with the 8 bar cause I flow more keen, turned 18 haze fiend and I came through with the grade and the wave cheese,
turned 19, came with the big flows 19 was a big year the wiz knows
I’m a high breed, roll with the dons now twenty years old got a sick song now I got bit tunes for the Mandem and the galdem and I got tunes for the knobs and the dons now
Can I get a jeez
I’m Tryna get the ps yeah
said I’m Tryna get the ps
rolling with gs 
holding the cheese said I’m rolling with gs and I’m holding the cheese
bopped to the shops copped a copper berg watch 
I said I got back to the mandem and handed them a what
I said got back to the mandem and handed them a box
I got plans I practice it a lot
I’m a lot when I practice, practice come and watch I got cats and madness mandem in a ruck 
I got bank so I bang him back the silly c*nt
and I’m the most random gangdem in the bunch I got slang for the man the nang the silly munts
I rang them and told em I be coming colder I handle the man ___ grammar and such

right after I heard the ting drop 
Whole rave popping off bodies on the watch
 don’t nobody watch when he’s spitting cause 
that _ smokes chocker block like poppa dots
 sicker though Wizzy though bredder to be watched
Hear me though 
see me don’t ever try cross
Skippy flows Wizzy flows better than a boss
Ripping shows flipping o’s Wizzy with the Oz

, Wizzy with the key
bagging up the weed and manna sl__zy with the g’s
 see me with the gs that’s Wizzy with his team
 see me looking seem that’s Wizzy with his queen
If you hassle me that’s a lie, I was with the crew getting lean getting by
and I seen a few double d’s in my life, since tunes like blue daba de daba die
and that’s dark, sitting in a polo with a bredda mark 
Wizzy with the cold flow looking for the spark
I be sitting in the carpark spitting bigger bars

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