Waluigi Smash Pt3 (Scrapped Version)

The Kevin Bennett

So I've been laying on the ground
A couple seconds unconscious
Got a bunch of broken bones
And lots of medical problems

I was desperate in the moment, so I went with the bombing
When it's survival of the fittest, you don't have many options (No you don't)

[Verse 1]
Just walk it off, 'cause I ain't done with the bloodshed (Yeah)
‘Nuff said, they left me out the game, I'm disgusted (Yuh!)
The only way to cope is to crush heads (Yeah)
But now I gotta be careful cuz the damage
That I'm on is 300

Let's start sh*t with Dark Pit (Haha)
Hit him out the park
Give Corrin some hard hits
King Dеdede got de-dе-demolished (Demolished!)
Villager was planting seeds then I planted his noggin
Uh! (Hah)

Ayo, I looked into the sky
Meta Knight over head
Tried to swoop in like a hawk
And take a swipe at my neck
Cat-like reflex, I've got the upper hand 'cause his back's to me (What?)
So I plucked his wings off and turned the b*t*h into an amputee (Eww)

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