Alessia Cara


{Verse 1: Daniel Seavey}

I'm unsure what to do (yeah)

I'm unsure where to go

Ever since August 6th every shot I took was a miss

Maybe someday I could do it right

Maybe someday we could shine in the light

{Verse 2: Zachary Herron}

You and me sounds like a fantasy

Oh what would I do if you talked to me

I'd go insane, yeah I'd lose my mind

Cause maybe jus' only one time

We could draw outside of the lines

{Verse 3: Jack Avery}

I don't spend my life on a screen

Just a regular guy with ripped jeans

I don't care about her makeup

All I want is some Rootbeer in our cups!

{Verse 4: Alessia Cara}

Yeah I wanna make the right choice

I don't care much about boys

But you don't see the real me

I know that life can get crazy

I'm unsure what to do, life is a mess

But as long as I have you the worst times will feel like the best

{Verse 5: Corbyn Besson}

You get me through all my hard times

Your like my best friend

I'll never leave you hangin'

I know we'll be there till the end

{Verse 6: Jonah Marais}

If the world falls apart

I'll still be with you, you're like a permanent mark

You'll guide me through the dark

I know you'll never leave me

Just take a look at how life can be so...



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