Alessia Cara


[Verse 1]
5 AM, the moon went to sleep
Your friend speakin' in tongues in the back seat
Just one little glance, I know what you mean somehow
We're stealin' moments, moments away
Why are we just not as good in the day?
Is it too soon to know if it's too soon to say for now?

The bubble we're livin' in
Settin' me free again
I don't know what it is about this

I'm gonna miss it when it's over, yeah, yeah
I hope we never see October, yeah, yeah
I felt the weight fall off my shoulders, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm gonna miss this when it's
I'm gonna miss you when it's done

[Verse 2]
Can't feel my hands, you laugh like you do
It happened like that accordin' to you
It's only a month, but doesn't feel new somehow
Yeah, yeah
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