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"Koolaid Man ft EЯRA"

Verse 1:

I don't really wanna talk
Unless you wanna talk about guap

Everyday smokin on pot
Told myself i would stop

Never did, what the sh*t
Still pull up like cool aid man

I've been down this road to hell
f*ck the trends i'm setting them

Lighter in my pocket, it be burning hot (hot, hot)
Rarely make it home, got no time to stop (stop, stop)

Always on the road, ye we turn it up (up, up)
I don't give a damn, f*ck a pus*y op (op, op)

pus*yboy wanna talk that
pus*yboy, gon bring it back

pus*yboy never made a track
pus*y boy, don't make me laugh

pus*yboy wanna see me dead
pus*yboy wanna make me bleed

What do i say about that
f*ck you from the back

Picking it up, where it got left ye
Sorry i did not hear a word you said

Zoned, no lie, i'm sorry mane
I tried, but still couldn't hear

What was said? was in my head
f*ck it! smile and nod instead

Do it when i'm blazing yeah
Do it hella amazing yeah

b*tch i get high like, every f*cking day
Losing friends lately, just another day

People hating lately, i don't really care
People be so shady, only care about your bread

Verse 2:

b*tch i'm smoking packs
What you think bout that?

I've been on my own
Reality's unknown

Paranoid, depressed
Still be losing friends

Feels like i am dead
I dont have no fears

Don't remember what it feels like to feel okay
I've been struggling for years, keep it cool won't lose my head

People worried bout my health, f*ck it i don't really care
I will sleep when I am dead, wake me up who ever dares

I've been going hard like old bread
Going hard like Kobe, poker game, hold em

Got bad cards, still all in
Do it for my team ye

Do it like some green ye
You know what I mean ye

Money & pot, supreme ye

Sun goes down like we all do
Life starts again when you're gone boo

Rebirth soon, i'll be gone too
One last chance, i'll get high fool

I don't give a f*ck, spent six hundred on my pot
In a month, in a week, b*tch im smoking hella sh*t

I'm tweaking every day, i'm just looking for my way
Outta here, finna vanish, like the sun, i'm bringing shades

Verse 3: EЯRA

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