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With the sound, with the sound
Got myself up the ground
Yeah, I know what I'm about
Still ten toes down
With the sound, with the sound
They want a n*gga fall down
They just wanna see me drown
I'ma shake the ocean
To the last drip
Diving in this sh*t
You can call me Moby
Wrecking your whole ship
You know how I get down, yeah
f*ck around with the wrong fish
Now you get saws, yeah
Get with the sauce, yeah
Been around your sh*t too long, never got along with it
You know my trip, I don't b*tch
Give these n*ggas couple gold coins, watch 'em get conflicted
This sh*t sick, done with this!
Oh my God, I'm losing control

I'm losing control, yeah, I'm losing my mind
I'm leaving all this sh*t behind
Like get with the times, get with the times
My life is right here and now
sh*t is crazy what comes out of their mouth
And it's either about the account or the clout
Just when they thought they done figured it out
It comes and get them right where they didn't count
You f*cked up when you did count me out
To you n*ggas I am no nominee?
sh*t sucks for you now that I'm out
I laugh at you while you wonder where to flee
Ain't no escape from these waves
No, you can't surf, you can't skate
sh*t is a merk, you getting slain!
You just get hurt, you can't relate, you can't relate
I don't listen when they speak
I disconnect from the truth that they seek
Strip down all the human beliefs
You'll find out its deeper than what it seems

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