Charlie Sloth

"Fire In The Booth"

Part 1

Fire in the booth, ayy

2021, get your calls in, I'm already booked
Got these labels shook
Big, big numbers
If you wan' talk to me, look
Keep comin' 'round like a hook
Stir that pot, I'ma cook
Get cheffy, cheffy, kweffy, kweffy
Way too shelly shelly, that's true
If I roll around, it's goin' down
The whole town knows about what I do
The whole scene knows about what I'm on
Views look strong, my stats are King Kong
Beat on my chest 'cause I go 'rilla
Man moonwalk, a Michael, I'm thriller, mm
Watch triller, big weed biller
Plaques on my wall, I'm a champagne spiller
Spray bars 'cause you know I'm a killer
Rambo, let 'em know like Bryson Tiller, woo
What's my name? What's my name?
Read the chain, read the chain
IVD, know the name
Haters watch, I rise to fame
Burn the booth, ignite the flame
Charlie Sloth's the one to blame
When I shoot, don't miss the aim
Hit the mic or go insane
I won't be tamed even when I own the game
My soul proclaims I'ma be the G.O.A.T that came
The throne's my place, no open space
From East Hackney to the walk of fame
Let me breathe, let me get straight
Likkle sex talk, bring a heatwave
I got stroke game, he get replays
And if I wanna get f**ked, f**k a kiss chase
b*t*h, why you wanna pree me for?
'Cause your man wants a detour
Wan' f**k, [?]
'Cause the pu**y is the bomb, call it C4
Ride it up, up, down like a seesaw
Then I slide [?], make her scream more
Neighbours hear police, see the nee-naw
It's all a fantasy, I need Dior, then we can speak more
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