[Pre-Chorus: Deko]
I can and will
I can and will
I can and will, don't tell me otherwise
I know you're at my demise
I don't keep track of time
But I saw you online (Yeah)

[Chorus: Deko]
And I know there's another time
And she know there's another fire
Just know where we [?]
Get that money, baby, multiply, yeah
Yeah, I know there's a better time
Yeah, I know you are [?], yeah
Give a f**k 'bout those other guys
b*t*h, I stay away from drama, like a porcupine, yeah

[Post-Chorus: Yameii Online]
When it all goes away
And wе have nothing to say
I might go crazy today
Just know I'm here to stay
I swеar, I don't do this often
I have rays like I play for Boston
Prepare, they stare when I walk in
Yes, I heard the sh*t you were talkin'
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