Heltah Skeltah
Magnum Force (feat. The Representativz & Rustee Jux)
Intro/chorus: all together
This goes out to my magnum force
When we lay a n***a out they come and drag him off
May the force be with me and if not our fault
For life, f**k alla y'all

Yo you can't manage this (manage this) the bomb scandalous
From here to los angeles, ruckus tossin the random sh*t
But can you get, with the n***a tall sean ma***cript
Man you sh*t, all up in your pants when the cannon click
Man I flip, on n***as for no apparent reason
Squeezin shots at you heathens, to stop you from breathin
When the cops come he bleedin, I think he need some cpr
See we are the illest n***as out that's on your tv pah
So when you greet me pah, better have your f**kin sh*t straight
Your fifth make, nobody move, I think your sh*t fake
You fishcake, whatever the f**k ruck dictate
The sh*t great, higher than shows made by rick lake
You'll lick eight, shots at them n***as who be f**kin with
International irrational beat got you ruckus b*t*h
Enough of this, bullsh*t talkin let's start wettin sh*t
Peep the etiquette of a n***a that's known for settin sh*t


(rustee jux)
When the weather get free yo I hate the scene, drinkin seagulls
V.o., novacainin my sufferin through the strugglin
Easin the agony, postponin the misery
Smoke some weed, blank out my memory momentarily
Calculatin my every motion, cautious coastin
I see the blue and white scopin, slowly approachin
Eyeballin me and my sons, like we the ones
With the stashed guns, hopin we run, like the last ones
So they can get they rocks off, sound they Glocks off
Light my blocks off, gangsta nab n***as bump cops off
Drunk from red scotch, got a dead shot
Jamaicans in the dread spot'll blow a fed top
Chop a pig into hamhocks, got it on slam lock
Hit the swats with a cinder block off the rooftop
Regulatin, livest motherf**kers on this side
B*t*hes d**k ride, stone soldiers with brick eyes


Keep on talkin aight? get more than your style rammed up
You see me? don't say sh*t like pink panther
You talk too much like run'n'them and your breath smell like pampers
Get knocked the f**k out by dr. david banner
Dj at the bar be act like records got dandruff
Makin n***as scream "oh! oh!" and throw they hands up
You know this man's ruff, so my man ruck could do stand up
So who wanna battle? we'll learn you some manners, God damn ya
You n***as make me sick as cancer, I slam ya
Whole crew of emcees, dj's and your dancer
Half-steppers can't run, panic catch a tantrum
Teared a new hamstrung, I stick n***as for ransom
? again now they got front, I slap cats at random
Deflate your egos you too ga**ed off the mylanta
Take your dough and hoe and dissapear like the phantom
Send her back pullin her hands up, singin the m.f.c. anthem
Man dem, strong like samson, shorty and jux
Cause I'm that n***a rock from heltah skeltah plus I'm handsome
But scrape that, bring handguns, my crew sorta bananas
Like plantains, any questions boo-yaa your answer


Aiyyo I'm movin through this life sh*t with the only fam I got
My triple r rated n***as steady blowin up spots
You think not it's little rock we bust shots at your car
And leave you stretched in your ride like these fake rap stars

This sh*t right here I'm handlin'll leave your head scramblin
All that panickin'll get your sh*t ran up in
I can't stand it when mc's get caught ramblin
Have crews abandon them from slugs that my cannon send
In this land of sin where they break fool for the chips
Over jewels and whips pack my tool and my clips
So when we start to bust clips on y'all, n***as a**ume
The straight, dead position when my lead go boom
Embeddin this tune, all into your f**kin doom
We move through these evil streets steady holdin chrome

My rep n***as stay mashin, big up my thugs on ?
Forever gat snatchin everytime we see the cops pa**in
Your team is has-beens, gaspin from the a** slashin
The repz baby, time for action, action

* "what's" uttered by various bccers *

Chorus 2x

Throw y'all middle fingers up in the air
Say, "f**k y'all n***as, we don't care!"
Word is bon jov', oh oh
We run up on foes, oh oh oh oh oh
N***as think they f**kin with my magnum force
Cause when we lay a n***a out they come and drag him off
May the force be with me and if not our fault
For life, f**k alla y'all
Hehehehe, see
Slogan is made of force be with me
Not our fault
You can't f**k with that? f**k you all
Word is bon jov'..