Heltah Skeltah
D.I.R.T. (Another Boot Camp Clik Yeah Song)
Yo, son, let these n***as know, the ruler's back, n***a, stop stop lying
With goons and lots of iron, I pop, shots flying
Anybody try and dying violent, Rikers Island style
Tyrants like sirens crying, and hide, off with your highness
Me, I'm such a don, I'm Don Rocko
Ain't gotta lift a finger, they say you the God, watch holmes
Have n***as at the dinner table with bibs
Playing with your kids and they'll straight San Andreas your crib
It's heinous, it is, it's music to my ears, max blaming
Monster mentality, ya'll n***as got meerkat manners
If you can't for that stand up, and fear gats, man up
All my rapper n***as, yeah yeah, I can't stand up
F**k outta here, you so sub par, you sub leasing
Subway sandwich eating, sucker type, sucking your teeth
I subst**ute the subliminal shots
With some sh*t that sound like a sub woofer when it go RAH RAH!

[Hook: Rock]
Yeah, tell them n***as that's that dirt right there
Tell 'em watch yourself, you could get hurt right here
All they gotta do is say the word like yeah
Middle fingers in the air, like yeah
Tell 'em n***as that's that dirt right there
But tell them watch yourself, you could get murked right here
It's funny, we so violent but your birds right here
We like yeah, middle fingers in the air, like

[Sean Price]
Yo, right now, I'm in the I don't give a f**k mood
F**k you, courtesy of Ravishing Ruck Rude
Any n***a I fought, owed me money
Said some wild sh*t about me, bout to hold these dummies
Word to my mother, thug a thug n***a the f**k out
Smack taste out your face, this is what Ruck bout
F**k is you bout pa, better be out, pa
N***a thought about it, left like southpaw
Pay attention to my sobriety
One drink and I'm thinking like Menace II Society
Have n***as spray that n***a, a-racks n***a
Getaway clean Al Green eight-track n***a
So so flows and bozo hoes
I kill 'em all for free like a promo show
My flow is so cold, ho blow ya nose
Soul in the hole, you bowling, catch a hole in your sole, bong!

[Sean Price]
Yo, I'm the illest n***a that you heard thus far
Worldwide coverage like Russ Pa
Two man wrecking machine, wreck your regime
Grab the, sket from my jean, duke can wet up your team
Listen, I'm the best at it, take a rest, faggot
In the twelve step program, you a meth addict
I be the new chief of the 'Ville
With a gun that'll blow stew beef out your grill, P

N***a, I chase n***as down with the pound, click and blaow rounds
You chasing n***as going BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW
Homo a** n***as, Omar minus the tough sh*t
Just a snitchin', and suckin' d**k and d**k in the b*** sh*t
Ill, I ain't the n***a you owing dope, pay him his ones
I'm Count Rockula, take it in blood
N***a I'm so dirty, huh, rest in peace to Ol' Dirty
N***as can't cheat me, but your ho can j*rk me