Heltah Skeltah
[Intro: Sean Price & Rock]
You miss me? I miss you, too
I know it's been a while
But I got plans for you
But first thing I plan on doing is f**king smacking your head off
You stupid b*t*h, f**k I look like, R&B singer? Huh?!
It's f**king gorilla rap right here, n***a
Heltah Skeltah, you punk b*t*h
There these n***as go with that ol' rugga retarded sh*t again
(B-C-C) Ha, excuse me while I get my N.W.A. on for a second
Yeah! The Magnum Force in this muthaf**ka!
Black Mafia for life
Down with some real n***as for life! Ha hah
Ayo, yo, Jamon, tell them n***as what we here for...
Well all rite ya'll, N.Y.C., Brownsville
East, New Rulers, all across the muthaf**king U.S.A
They know I walk through the valley of the real, n***a
I should fear no man and no muthaf**king clan
Cuz I done been through the mountain top
And I done see through the eyes of a real n***a
Hit me one time Alkatraz
Ayo they make some of the coolest sh*t I done never heard!
Yeah BummyFlyJab, I must give it up
To the Boot Camp muthaf**king gorillas
Some of the realest, the realest n***as you gone ever see
You understand? We fear no mob
Because you scared, man, you scared, man, you scared!
You don't understand, you making two words, you make 'em say
You safe, man, buck buck buck buck, keep Babylon on the run, sh*t
Bringing forth Heltah Skeltah!

[Verse: Rock]
You ask for it, who want beef? Well you got it!
It's poppin', we locking and loading, and, you drop it
Pop lock and drop it, them n***as from the Grimeyville
Ain't nobody fighting fair, throw ya f**king mom down a flight of stairs
So let the D.I.R.T. doing begin
It's truly Da Beginning of the End for you and your mens
It's hot, we cooking Ape Food up in Hellz Kitchen
Son ain't feeling your heat neither, can't you tell, we Twinz
This ain't crunk, not hyphy, not snap
Not screw, not pop, not quite boom bap
It's rugga, Smack Muzik, bang ya head music
N***as with WMD's bang ya lead to it
Peep The Art of DISRESPEKINAZATION", n***as be So Damn Tuff
But then they be snitching, That's Incredible ain't it?
It's Insane, I see how n***as Ruck N Roll
Don't flip hoes, that's bad luck, I split ya f**king dome
Everybody do a little bit of D.I.R.T
Dude just a hater, snatch you up ya little sister shirt
Give yo b*t*h a** lashes til ya back for my belt
Til it welt pump, Everything is Heltah Skeltah