Heltah Skeltah
That’s Incredible
It's about that time, you don't know, boy?
N***a, it's 3:57 time, almost four
You can holler about all your beef, til ya throat goes sore
But if you don't know Heltah Skeltah, you don't know war
You don't know Alcatraz, and you don't know Sean
And you couldn't know ya days is numbered, you almost gone
So go on, getting your Joe Schmo on, moron
And get your Flo-Jo on, be gone
N***as is fake, your teams faker, scared to rep without ya
And they spit at ya car scared, trying to jet without ya
That ain't a throwback, your jersey just old, black
Yo, that sh*t is tore back
You sucka n***as, ain't gon' stunt on G's
Ya'll lucky, I ain't impressed
Know I got my gun on me, murder at the mothery
Cross my heart, hoping you dying
One shot, your whole head red, you Conan O'Brien, b*t*h

[Hook: Rock w/ Sean Price ad-libs]
We incredible...
We done sh*t you never do...
We incredible...
We too many steps ahead of you...

[Sean Price]
Alotta muthaf**kas get in the booth
Start talking bout sh*t that they shouldn't like snitching is cute
These rap n***as get on my nerve
I'm bout to slap n***as up, Rock, give me the word (get 'em!)
I'm straight wild and I like drugs
Wanna battle? 8 Mile or the Fight Club
I'm type bugged, need S.S.I
Marijuana, Hennessey, duke, I guess I'm high, listen
I will Rick James your ho and go broke in the city
Me, my wife, your b*t*h sniffing coke on the t**ty
Listen, we back in the building
F**k rap, got a, package of crack for your children
Take it back when I was rapping in Tilden, trying to get us a deal
It's on, now, muthaf**ka, it's real
It's Sean, now, duke, the Ruck is still my nickname
Heltah Skeltah, b*t*h, ain't sh*t change

You n***as can never, never ever, hang, don't try now
Dog, you barely there like Mannie Fresh eyebrows
So pipe down or die now, I ain't battling
F**k rapping, bring 'em to Sachmen, let gats embara** 'em

[Sean Price]
You can catch me on Bristol and Blake, ripping the eight
Selling blow, smoking 'dro, and the feeling is great
To all my animal lovers, you feeling this ape?
Cop the album, start feeling the tape

Just in case, I'm renaming both of my hands Laxative and Colonic
They ah, smack sh*t out any n***a who want it
My guns rock and roll but only with 'ink you bust'
You left 'stained' in a 'puddle of mud', cuz you think you tough, I'm a Monster

[Sean Price]
Yo, unleash the piece, and spank you, boy
Bong, release the Beast, I'm Hank McCoy
Used to take 'x man', and show no hoes love
Now I let the skit blam at them so called thugs