Heltah Skeltah
Do the Knowledge
[Ruck speaking while Rock is speaking in the background]
Ayo, man
Yeah, I was doin the knowledge, you know what I'm sayin?
Yo, do the knowledge [?] (Alright)
I seen this b*t*h, huh? B*t*h had a Snicker ball (What's a Snicker bar?)
You know what I'm sayin? I'm like, yo
This sh*t look like my d**k, bruh
(Rock laughing)
For real, God, yo, don't ever-
I don't ever wanna see nobody with a Snicker ball
(Rock: Don't do that sh*t)
For real, God, cause it's like doodoo eyes, brown God
You got veins on it, you got nuts in it?
(Rock: You got nuts in it.)
(Unknown man: We comin in)
(Rock: This sh*t got nougat)
Yo, yo, nougat, God, do the knowledge, God, it's like-
(Rock: Got nougat)
It's subliminally, you know what I'm sayin, you- it's like
Subliminally, people, it's like, you know?
They father the black man there, God, for real (for real)
(Rock: And it's called the Snickers)
A Snickers, they laughin at you
(Rock: They laughin at you)
Word up

(Ruck and Rock both snicker and burst into laughter before the track cuts.)