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Ha,Ha X back on this motherf*ckin' track, Speakin’ too fast
I may damage my neck, like that hoe deepthroat

Swipe that b*tch, grab her neck
We ready to f*ck and start rough sex, first off spread her legs
Hold that b*tch head, pull her down and give me head
Marry a Gemini, she a trustworthy b*tch she don't date no other guys
She probably telling lies since she all about getting lies
Let the rumors spread, let the c*m drip off her bed
I go deep Inside her faster than a jet, get head, I pet her head
I don't do any disrespect, I only make ass get wrecked
X got’ make sure she got no disease so get that pus*y checked
Tired of getting bullied by jits, So I f*ck their b*tch
Grab their throat and drop them, make them braindead
Hoe be saying "That's my boyfriend", will I toy with them
I c*m on a b*tch forehead and she drip off the chest
I be makin' that pus*y wet, yet she got no mindset
Just because you're depressed doesn't mean you're perfect
X the devil he a f*ckin' baphomet, Rappin' with no embarrassment

Yuh, yuh, yuh
Yuh, (laugh)

Shove a f*ckin’ di*k down her throat
Make that di*k bulge out her throat, I go rough
I be makin’ that pus*y f*ckin' crushed, f*ck but no relationship between us
Before she can gnaw di*k, make her teeth brushed
I’ll leave all her friends corpses in a mattress, try to be with her with tactics, trying to avoid me I know she don't speak Latin
What is the plan she's making, what is she crafting
How is she avoiding me easily, these problems she cracking
I think I gone crazy, I take drugs relieve pain with aspirin
I hate that b*tch, but I want her, what are these thoughts I'm fantasizing
I’m a f*ckin' psycho and she knows, she knows I want her pus*y groped and her status as a hoe
Wear a halo as a necklace, I wanna f*ck her because she's gorgeous
But she got her parents every second, I be talking to them I be stuttering I be mindless

Ruff Neck, grab her neck, is she ready to start tough sex

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