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Let me introduce you to bullsh*t the News
f*cking News Reporters saying fake bullsh*t for views
They expect the false statements to blow up like a nuke
You can't fool the youth we know the truth
Are brains aren't loose we aren't fools the type to get shot up
Getting wounds, Risking your life for reports f*ck a Journalist
All these muslims and thugs wanna murder sh*t with no respect
Now n*gga what you gonna do, Make a move sperm on her boobs
Get the lube let the c*m shoot let sh*t drip down her chest
sh*t like chicken coop, I'm tired of this bullsh*t all these fake lies
There's no third eye, f*ck everything the public states I'll be
Hanging on a noose I'm done get shot up dead, Let It get reported
By a news group or a gang of delusional troops
I hope my f*cking head gets squeezed and the knowledge Inside
Gets spreaded around the world like a bacteria rather than a fruit
f*ck the blasphemy, f*ck god he ain't having me, Burn my family tree, Kill a n*gga then make him bleed, f*ck Humanity
I don't want to die peacefully I'm not blind I can see I'm a strong soul
I can stand with bruises up with my own two feet, Hate a News Reporter get f*cked by a other country or Shooter better call a f*cking lawyer

Yuh, f*ck Everything Y'all motherf*ckers know I snapped, Get ready for the next round

[Intro: XXXTENTACION & Sai Yoshiko]
(Sai Yoshiko's Hatoba Japanese Vocals)

[Verse 2]
Speedin' down the block, Hittin' foes like I'm Aye Yo' Got Poc
Driving In the car until he got shot by the group of white flocks
He got his ass popped, Tried to be a dead throat
Rather be a Death Gun Shoot my head until the blood on the floor
Is red and a mess,Flocks on my di*ks I got f*cking tricks b*tch
Now n*gga f*ck the ops calling the group lets f*ck em' up with the flock shoot em' dead with a Glock
I be aiming west I ain't got nothing to say or confess, Not my end
The Flocks Gone here comes the enemy the hawk eating corpses out of a trot
All these pus*y ass n*ggas finna' get dropped by the gang the flock my bars are hot now I f*cking kill them when the beat Is slopped
I ain't up for bullsh*t I don't talk or let that b*tches tits cropped Like a eagle I keep my eyes locked, Now everything you say Is simply
Irrelevant, Need some cynical evident this Isn't the death of me
Not the fall of the anakin I'm not the type of n*gga to be toyed
To be a f*cking manakin I'm not carrying about what I say
I just be spittin' memorizing words I ain't be panicking
I don't expect huge flocks of hoes to be fanatics, f*ck hoes yo'
I don't bleed red for the government, Why ignore our nation
All these fake ass n*ggas ignoring the suffering there brains buffering
I don't cherish love I don't give a f*ck about anything I don't do loving, That b*tch be bringing her flock of Friends and she be c*ck sucking, She knows She's just another hoe puppet who can suck it
I don't give a f*ck about God or some stupid religious prophets

(Sai Yoshiko's Hatoba Japanese Vocals)

(Sai Yoshiko's Hatoba Japanese Vocals)

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