"#ImSippinTeaInYoHood (Fukkit Remix)"

Hehe, yeah
You know I'm posted in the booth with the boof with Ronny J
Gotta get in the mood, hehe
You know how I'm rockin'
Gang, gang, gang
Hehe, yeah, yeah
Ronny J produced it!

And boy, I'm sippin' tea in yo' hood
What the f**k is up, you buttercup?
Purrp in that blunt, smoking suicide, bloody blunts
pu**y boy, you talkin' sh*t for Twitter, it ain't addin' up (Ayy, ayy, okay, okay)
How these pu**y n***as moving day to day? I've had enough (Yeah)
Post with that f**king blade, b*t*h, I'll skin your face, huh
d**k on that f**king gun, I love it when they run (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
f**k all that talkin' sh*t, do that sh*t for fun, uh
f**k 'round with these n***as, ayy
Stab a body- f**k do you mean? (Brr)
Post with that Glock, aim that beam, ayy (Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay)
Put that sh*t right in yo' spleen, ayy
Run through yo' hood, ayy
f**k n***a, what's really good? (b*t*h)
My n***as wish that you would, ayy, ayy
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