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Losing myself every single f*cking day
All these lost damn souls gone because of damn rape
My heart keeps crumbling, I'm confused with mixed emotions
I always be entering moodswings. So angry I can't think
I always got thoughts to be f*cking losing, What would a n*gga do
If he was In my situation. I already know that'll he be cutting
I'm tired of having hoes to be buttf*cking and having them c*mming
I'm never done, All my life I've been hustling
Soon I'll be drug chugging. Just because I be giving b*tches hugs
Means I'm touching well In love I'll be on my way trespassing
Took that beer drove a car to a gas station man was In for a crashing
I'm a wild n*gga, I always be cussing not knowing my b*tch be
di*k sucking, Drop the knife and watch your arm be blood gushing
The endless pain has no numbing I don't know what to do
I can't proper my steps I'm falling I can't properly function
Why hasen't someone done something?!

Somebody do something

[Verse 2: Nyora Spouse]
I'm f*cking dizzy none notices sh*t I need somebody
Somebody to make me get off these drugs and cuff me
You lucky I ain't naughty, I be shooting them down make em'
Say ouch gun finna' go pow expect a crowd to go wow
Who gives a f*ck about being ugly She'll still suck me
n*gga I'm f*cking gnarly mostly I be going f*cking crazy
My rhythm Is godly most importantly It's mighty make one
To fight me I always be spittin' bars calmly
Say sh*t with memory If I flame a n*gga I don't count as guilty

Somebody do something
Somebody do something

[Outro: XXXTENTACION & Nyora Spouse]

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