"Alum Rock Birmingham"

Momma raised me up in Brum
I tasted the haste, it tasted like race
I went to a f**king race
All this maize was solid, just too solid mate
After seeing my matey...
I got clapped, we got a n***a clapped for the wrong look
Then he got tapped, his mind is just too tapped
He is very tapped
I was raised and born in B-A Alum Rock
With all my guys out 'ere
My guys just had 10 bags of coke
Then we smoked all the boys in the casino
Then we just hit that damn big GINO!
Feds asking me questions but i hate nosy people
So dawgs, we just wanna bust up that case
Feds wanna bust up that case but
There is no race, this is not a race
It is a case!
So stop running for your life
Cause you gonna be hunning!

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