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You are now entering the world inside the essence of your imagination

Xanax instead of oxygen in a world full of these moccasins
Opsidus, exodus, Percocets, essence, molly, weed
Will you let a little n***a drop a note, get drunk, then have a n***a f**k you in the throat, little bit of weed
Little bit of coke, roll roads, hit your throat, get c*cky on the low, put a c*ck in press copy
Then post sex-tape, let's tape this sh*t, embrace this place, then rape this b*t*h
Yo, gang this sh*t so crisp, my wrist so slit up, sh*t I think I p*ssed or sh*t my pants
Yo' mans ain't sh*t, f**k a b*t*h, little lick, little league, little tits, mmm
Breeze OD, smoke GO3, oh me, oh my, oh ho, sh*t, die
And mama should've swallowed you, b*t*h, please die
Fist fight, die young, bee stung, tree hung, weed lungs
Could have been equivalent to the heroin, you need medicine, better gin, meddling, mmm
Could it, better, could it, done it better, whatever the weather
Yo' ho know the chatter is coming, no better, no better, no better, these n***as know better
I got it, I came with a n***a you know this, we on this we hoes we hoein'
Jehovah be hoeing they know this, breaking my focus these n***as is bogus
These n***as be trippin', I'm sippin', I'm, Scotty they pimpin', I (Huh)
Hit you with missiles, I got it, you want it, I'm puttin' you on it
My n***as is swerving, they came where the 40's, I got it
I'm locking it down, came for your n***as, I'm f**kin' up town
Raping the b*t*h, raking up bodies and quicker than licorice could've been vigorous
Vigorous n***ers I hated my mothers
Clitoris, vigorous black b*st*rds and as vivid
As black castles back in the past, faster than Beverly
They hated, n***as be basic, n***a just face it
n***as be mellow, I hate it, I sling 'em like jello
Whatever the weather, I'm comin' with cheddar, your ho' know
Hate it, b*t*h, call me Lucifer the foe
Slide for the foe, aim for you feet, came with a TEC, aim for your neck
f**k a n***a b*t*h, swear I'm the sh*t, but I'll be bitter as sh*t
Hating the b*t*h, slapping the b*t*h, d**k slapping the b*t*h
Realest n***a out, god damn I'm the sh*t (Huh)
b*t*h mob n***a I'm mobbin', slumped up shawty
Got your b*t*h she want the 40 so I hit her with the Molly
b*t*h, that baby ain't mine, I ain't really 'bout the crime
I'm just really bout the murder, b*t*h, give her f**king time
I be out my damn mind, I be all up in my zone
Smokin' zone with yo' ho, b*t*h call me for the 40
I got lots of homies and all these n***as know me
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