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"Caught A Body"

Ayy, ayy, uh, yuh, uh, ayy
Moon Rock with the Glock, I can’t Milly rock, uh
Tear drop on my homie face he caught a body
No DM I’m her MCM on Instagram
My skin peanut butter color inside whip is really jelly
Her boyfriend sending threats I think that n***a really jealous

[Verse: 1]
I swear to god I do magic, mm
I f**k that b*t*h and I vanish, mm
Pull up in white vans like Damn Daniel, mm
Her pu**y looks Kylie Jenner
Looking too freakity, pu**y too eatity, yuh
My d**k might out inch a ruler, mm
Just like a baby she drooling, yuh
I might just pass her the fooly, yuh
Blow on my d**k make a wish, mm
All my thotties have Kik Messenger
I be wildin’ out like Nick, mm
I know mortal Mortal Kombat finishes, mm
If you show that pu**y on Snapchat
If I wanna f**k I might snap back
Your boyfriend looks like he wear snapbacks
If he try to fade catch a cracked back
I don't need security baby
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